Smart Janpath

Smart Janpath


Redevelopment of Janpath Road including Streetscape Design, Beautification, Landscaping, Intersection Redesign, and Infrastructure Upgrades in Bhubaneswar’s Town Centre District (ABD) under Smart Cities Mission on Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Mode

Features and Components

The redevelopment of Janpath Road includes streetscape design, beautification, landscaping, intersection redesign, and infrastructure upgrades with construction of new pavement, rehabilitation of existing pavement, construction and/or rehabilitation of major and minor bridges, culverts, road intersections, interchanges, drains, etc.

Benefits to the citizens

  • Janpath envisaged as the People’s smart Path.
  • Dedicated corridor for pedestrians, cyclists etc.
  • The entire stretch shall have public plazas, proper crossings on the junctions , street furniture, dedicated multi use vending zones.

Present Status

Smart Janpath is envisaged as the People’s Smart Path is a designated pathway for walkers, bicycles, and subsurface utilities, with active public plazas, correct crossings at intersections, and street furniture, and dedicated vending zones along with the whole duration.

The Smart Janpath plan for the renovation of Janpath Road comprises streetscape design, beautification, landscaping, junction redesign, and infrastructure enhancements, including new pavement, pavement repair, and building and/or restoration of existing structures. The total cost of the project is Rs 79.56 crore.

Implementing Agency

M/s RKD Construction Pvt. Ltd., Bhubaneswar

Project Photos