Street Vendors Improvement Project

Street Vendors Improvement Project


Features and Components

Street Vendors Rehabilitation and Relocation Plan is a city wide project initiated to organize the vending activities through spatial planning. It also aims at introducing regularization and provide social security to street vendors. The project will help improving physical condition of Vending Zones and creating hygiene public places and streets. It will also create accountability of vending activities and revenues.

Benefits to the citizens

The project intends to provide and promote a supportive environment for earning livelihoods to the Street vendors, improving their socio-economic condition and fulfilling needs of local people. The development on the private developer area of the PPP component shall also lead to creation of housing stock for MIG and higher segment and commercial spaces.

Present Status

The Digital survey for collection of street vendors’ data is done for the BMC area. Out of 67 wards, survey data for ward no 30, 34 and 41 (BTCD Wards) has been validated and submitted to BMC for public disclosure through BMC website. Further, a physical plan for resettlement and rehabilitation of street vendors is under progress.

Implementing Agency

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation

Project Photos