Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions


Features and Components

Supply of goods and services for installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance solutions for Intelligent City Operations and Management Centre. The MSI will be required to provide a total package solution that includes system software and hardware, required field and central equipment/hardware, integration, communication technology, operations and comprehensive maintenance for a complete, turnkey deployment of the Smart Solutions project in Bhubaneswar. The system shall be integrated with other external modules at the Intelligent City Operation and Management Centre (ICOMC), which will provide the digital platform for integration and delivery of citizen-centric functions spanning across mobility, common payment system, utilities and other services.

Benefits to the citizens

  • Supporting the concept of integrated transportation management by delivering a high quality, sustainable and integrated transportation system.
  • Providing quick access to information for travellers, operators and decision makers to identify alternatives and deal with incidents & emergencies.
  • Establishing transit as an alternate to ownership model through tracking, schedule adherence, traveller information, maintenance management, and common payment systems and data analytics.
  • Enhancing transparency, accessibility and efficiency of municipal functions through e-governance, ERP and other smart solutions providing integrated operations and operator management.
  • Developing effective solutions to city operations problems and providing a means of delivering opportunity for all through smart use of technology across the city. Supporting high quality communication networks for reducing the digital divide and enhancing everyone’s quality of life.
  • Ushering the era of cashless society through city-wide common payment system (to be procured as a separate bid).
  • Implementing open data policies and procedures for empowering citizens, changing how Bhubaneswar city government works, creating an innovation culture in the city, and improving the delivery of public services.

Present Status

Contract with Honeywell Automation India Limited was signed on 21st January 2018. Quick Win Projects under the MSI RFP is in progress.

Implementing Agency

Honeywell Automation India Limited.

Project Photos