Poll - Citywide Smart Solutions Closed

Decide on the city’s priority for implementing the first Citywide Smart Solutions. Smart Solutions are solutions that increase the quality of life of a city’s residents, by better service delivery of energy, water, mobility, governance, and other city systems without compromising on the environment.


"Being Declared as No.1 Smart City, Bhubaneswar is huge backward in regulating Traffic Control by Tra ... "

N Ramadas

"Kindly make a plan for the Wall of Kindness at near DCP office Vani Vihar. The condition of the wall ... "

Shashanka Sekhar Dash

"Firstly, as a resident of bhubaneswar since my birth it is my right to address the issues i face eve ... "


"Regarding municipal water connection there are a few points that could be looked into by the smartci ... "

awadh jha